Copy Event Notes To Another Event



  • Pat Falkner

    Why is this not available in the v20.9 profiles area?

    This is our dilemma: Because Ungerboeck was unable to support profiles in v20 until v20.9 we have around 300 or so templates we need to now convert to profiles.  I was hoping to use this feature to get notes from the "template" events over to the profiles but no such luck.

    Ultimately what I feel Ungerboeck needs to provide is a tool that will convert the "template" events we were forced to make into v20 profiles. 

  • Pat Falkner

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Hi Pat - An enhancement would have to be made to allow the copying of notes from one profile to another, or from an event to a profile, or vice versa. My thought on the easiest solution for you at this point would be a SQL statement that would copy all notes from an event to a profile. If you'd like to get some assistance with that from our Technical Services specialists, just let me know.

    Mark F

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