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  • Kieron Marshall

    Is it possible with the KPI to have a goal of zero? ie KPI on orders not invoiced, and as it reduces to zero it is 100%? if so how does that get setup.

  • Kieron Marshall

    Also is it possible to Reverse the values on goals?

    I am running KPI of Order Total against GLInqury PTDBud, but because the budget is a negative value, the KPI does not work.

  • Dave Segasture


    I checked with our Prod Mgmt and they report that we actually use this kind of configuration here at USI.

    You still set your Goal amount as normal, then enter your Ranges in reverse order. Here's a screen shot showing a KPI configured this way.



  • Dave Segasture

    On the Zero Goal... They report they haven't tried it... but believe it should work... especially if you're looking to do it in regard to this Reverse Order configuration.

  • Kieron Marshall

    Hi Dave, I tried reverse the Ranges around as you suggested but it didnt seem to work

    see below screenshots. The data is the Goal is say -500,000 (negative as explained because it is a revenue gl budget which is a credit) and the Ordered subtotal is say 300,000, and with the ranges reverse it is at maximum which is incorrect. am i missing something?

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting


    I was able to confirm that Negative Values should work fine.

    I'm including an example which one of my Development Mgrs provided to demonstrate a configuration.

    Your configuration should work fine, so long as the values you're reporting are returned in the filter sum up to a negative.

    Here's an example of a Negative Value KPI.


  • Fionn Murray

    I want to create a KPI report which will show different goals and achievements based on the user. Let's say I have five account managers with different sales targets (Alice's target is 100k, Bob's target is 200k etc.). Rather than creating five reports with hard-coded goal amounts, what's the best way to set up a single KPI report such that it will show each account manager how they're performing against their personal target?


  • Dave Segasture

    Fionn: My first thought is... have you checked for a "Current User" Filter - when those are used, the Results will automatically be filtered on that basis and you'll need to establish somewhere you can enter this "Goal" for each User and include it in your Gadgets calculations - then you can embed your new Gadget into the Dashboard they're using and it will give each Sales Rep their own personal info.

    Otherwise - you'll want to discuss this with your Sucess Mgr or your Consultant - they can get you moving in the right direction, but I suspect your requirements - assuming they can be met - will require work from our Solutions Dept. which may be billable. 

  • Bryan Miller

    I know this is an old thread, but wanted to revisit it as I'm having the same issue with assigning colors in reverse order. I got our revenue colors to work fine as they turn green as the number gets higher. I need to assign colors to our expenditures which would turn green as the number is lower and red as the number gets higher. I tried formatting like the example above but it doesn't return a color on my KPI.

  • Sam Wilson

    Hello Bryan,

    Please contact your consultant or VSM to review and troubleshoot your specific configuration. If you believe there is a software error, enter a support ticket so our development team can get involved.



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