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  • Steven Spyrka

    Is there a WSDL url or Swagger file?

  • Ryan G.

    Hi Steven,

    You can access your swagger file by using the following URL: https://[your Ungerboeck domain]/swagger/docs/v1

    Ryan Gilomen
    Ungerboeck Software International

  • Hello,

    I want to add bookings via API to an event. It works if there is no booking conflict with existing other bookings inside other events.

    If there is a booking conflict, the API returns response code 400 with response message "Potential booking conflicts have been found: Space, date..."

    How can I create bookings and ignore the conflicts via API (without using die Ungerboeck SDK)?

    (I did not find any documentation about that in the Ungerboeck API Sandbox or on this supportcenter portal. I found a kind of hint inside the API examples on github: https://github.com/UngerboeckAPI/20.94/blob/master/Examples/Operations/Bookings.cs => " APIUtil.AddBookingWithoutConflictCheck")



  • Sean Tame

    Does the API User ID have the correct rights under Access Privilege Allow Conflict Booking by Booking Status Limit?

  • Hi Sean,


    - I created a role for this API-User and added the role to the access privilege Allow Conflict Booking by Booking Status Limit with value=99.

    - after it did not work I added the user to the access privilege, also with value = 99 and still the same result.

    - we have waitlisting turned on with status range = 10-25

    - the booking I want to create has status = 25

    - when I create the same booking with the api-user via Ungerboeck v20 GUI (instead of API), the booking will be saved (and of course indicates potential conflicts, which is correct).


    What I would expect from the API: I can save the booking and might get a response code between 200 and 300 (not 400) and a response message indicating potential booking conflicts.

    From what I found in the API-examples on github ("APIUtil.AddBookingWithoutConflictCheck") I hoped that there is a way to bypass the conflict check.



  • Ryan G.

    Hi Thomas,

    You can choose to add bookings while ignoring conflict checks. 

    If you are not using the SDK Wrapper, you can still follow the same example the function is giving, which is adding a header to your bookings POST:

    "X-ValidationOverrides", [{"Code": 12015}]

    This will auto skip conflict checks.

    Anyone using using the SDK Wrapper can call the function APIUtil.AddBookingWithoutConflictCheck()



  • Hi Ryan,


    thanks a lot! Works great!

    Is there a similar way to ignore the "automatic waitlist status" logic? (I can book conflicts right now in space bookings, but I have problems with the event status value)

    Is there a similar way to cancel events & bookings (in best case including cancellation reason) ?

    Is there somewhere a document that lists all available header options?




  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Thomas,

    There is currently no bypass for Automatic Waitlist Status.  Currently, that is the only ValidationOverride, but we are looking to add more.

    You can cancel Events with Reasons.  See the function here for CancelEvent.  You can cancel bookings by simply changing the booking status.


  • Thanks!

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