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  • Can the API be used to insert e-mails into Ungerboeck?

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer


    Thanks for your question.  At this time the API does not have an e-mail endpoint.  

    Can you comment more on your use case?


  • We wanted to build an app to allow drag and drop of files into Ungerboeck. It would have been awesome if we could have used the app to drag and drop emails from outlook too (essentially replacing the outlook add-in).


  • John Klingelhoets

    Lee - did you successfully build a drag and drop application to add files into ungerboeck?

  • We have started a proof of concept but don't currently have budget for it so it's taken a bit of a back seat. I will see if we can bump it back up the priority list a little.

    Would you be prepared to share your requirements so we can see if they align with ours and how quickly we may be able to get something to you to play around with?


  • John Klingelhoets

    I was just intrigued by your idea, if you do complete it would be curious to see a demo.

  • Oliver Zieger



    i just stumpled upon this thread, and i might have a prototype for u. We had a students groupd realizing a interface between alfresco and ungerboeck. I believe this is the way to go, as alfresco brings dms features ungerboeck has still a long way to guy. unfortunately for our needs, alfresco would be cool, but is too large for our needs - but maybe someone else could take this up?

    any alfresco experts around?

    cheers, Oliver from Vienna


  • william wu


    We use API tools like postman and httpmaster to test your API calls but getting 401 response code. With the same user/pass and request, your sandbox returns successfully with 200 code. See below (data omitted with *).

    using postman:

    curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Basic *******************************' 'https://****.ungerboeck.com/prod/api/v1/Events/**?search=All'

    401 {"Message":"Authorization has been denied for this request."}

    using https://****.ungerboeck.com/prod/api/help/index :

    curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Basic *******************************' 'https://****.ungerboeck.com/prod/api/v1/Events/**?search=All'

    200 and data

    Do we miss something here? Do we need a special user or API module?

    Any help or direction is appreciated, thanks!


  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi William,

    To use the API, you perform two steps:

    1.  Initialize to get a token

    2. Use that token to do additional calls.

    The sandbox somewhat abstracts this since the first step is done in the top right of the page, but the 'Try It Now' calls includes a token with the calls (The curl commands were made more straightforward in 20.95).

    Include the initialization token in on the Events search and you should get a 200 response.

    Read more about it here:


  • Qi Long


    I tried to make an api test call,  but got below error, could you please help?


  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Qi,

    This happens when the token used to do API calls gets out of date between versions or corrupted somehow.  Reload the page, authenticate again in the top right, then try another call.  If it still doesn't work, there's a deeper problem in your system and a ticket would be in order.