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  • Carlos Chan

    Has anyone tried $select? I tried but it does not work. I am on API v1.

    Or if there is another way to reduce the number of fields to return?

    Edit: I am just trying through API Help.

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    Currently the API returns the full model with no options to retrieve just the fields you want.  This is already on our backlog to address.

  • Kate Lee

    Has this been addressed yet?

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    Kate - Yes, please take a look at this article:  https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012928934-Customize-the-API-with-the-select-Operator-for-Custom-Objects

    This will let you get only what you want want returned within an object.  As an example, the 'Event' model has around 100 properties.  Using the new feature you can return an Event object with only 3 properties if you wish.  It will always return primary key columns regardless of what you specify.

    Also, please consider using this when editing items as well, as you'll get a performance bump since we do not have re-fetch the entity being edited.


  • Theresa Gorman

    Is there a way to return the event logo using API EV200_EVT_LOGO

    We have tried but it does not find the field

  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Theresa,

    There currently is not.  You can see the available event fields on the event model in your API help page.

  • John McCrary

    If I were to request the registration orders from particular event ID, is there any way to include order account fields such as Name, Address, email, etc. in the results?

  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi John,

    Not directly. You would need to perform a followup GET for the account information.

  • Bryan Wong


    I need to retrieve list of opportunities having particular value for user text 30. API returns error if my search query is simply like UserText30 eq 'Blah blah blah' under GET Opportunities/{OrgCode} API

    In this case, shall I use the method mentioned in Search in User Field? If so, what should be the value of [User field Class]|[User field Type] ?

    Thanks so much.


  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Bryan,

    This link to an example might help you.  It will show you a function that has an example of searching for User Fields on an opportunity.


  • I'm having problems trying to query opportunities using a UDF.

    My query looks like:

    https://ungerboeck/TEST/api/v1/Opportunities/10?search=Type eq 'AR|C' and EventJob eq 159134 and C|AR|10|UserNumber02 eq 475951.0

    Does that look right?

    It returns a seemingly random opportunity (for the correct event, but not with that udf value)

    Trying just:

    https://jcr.ungerboeck.net/TEST/api/v1/Opportunities/10?search=Type eq 'AR|C' and EventJob eq 159134 and UserNumber02 eq 475951.0

    Returns an error saying the field is unknown or not searchable?

    Rudy Scoggins


  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Lee,

    Yes, your first URL's syntax looks correct.  

    I gave it a whirl myself and this was my example that pulled the correct opportunity:

    'EventJob eq 13774 and C|01|10|UserNumber01 eq 13275.0000'

    Can you modify the query parameters to maybe see what the problem is?  Perhaps taking some away?  


  • Something weird is going on because:

    https://ungerboeck/TEST/api/v1/Opportunities/10?search=Type eq 'AR|C' and EventJob eq 159134 and C|AR|10|UserNumber02 eq 475951.0

    Returns a single opportunity with UserNumber02 = null...

    https://ungerboeck/TEST/api/v1/Opportunities/10?search=Type eq 'AR|C' and EventJob eq 159134

    Returns a handful of opportunities, one of which has UserNumber02 = 475951.0

    Could we possibly arrange a quick call to take a peak? The good thing is it's a hosted database so I hope you can debug quite easily.

    I though I might have been able to switch tracing on, but I think this option might be disabled for hosted customers?


  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Lee,

    Yeah, something seems contradictory here.  Can you submit a ticket with the hosted customer info and support will take a look?



  • Hi Rudy,

    The API docs show that JournalEntries model includes the journal entry details. When we've tested it, we don't seem to get the details back.

    Do we need to do something special to get them?



  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hey Lee,

    Yeah, this would be an opt-in property for the Select parameter.

    search=Year eq 2005$select=[JournalEntryDetails]

    Check out this example for more info.


  • Hero- works a treat- thanks Rudy!

  • David Glock

    Hello. I'm having problems with searching for accounts with special characters in the name. How do one encode characters like Ä,Ö,Ü,ß to make an call with the Ungeboeck API? I tried it with the unicode (utf-8) with several different escaping characters, but nothing worked.

    • \u00d6
    • \\u00d6
    • $u00d6
    • &u00d6

    Further how can I escape single quotes in the search string?

    Has anyone a clue how to get around this problems?

    Thanks for any advice.


  • I think you escape single quotes with an additional single quote. So: 

    LastName eq 'O''Leary'
  • David Glock

    Thanks for your reply. I tried it but did not work for me.

  • Sven Mannherz

    Hi David, as the search parameters are used in the URI, you need to use URL Encoding. 

    • ö -> %C3%B6
    • ä -> %C3%A4
    • ü -> %C3%BC

    Example, searching for an Account with the First Name 'öäü'

    • [Ungerboeck URI]/api/v1/Accounts/10?search=FirstName eq '%C3%B6%C3%A4%C3%BC'

    The API help page should be encoding the values for you, in case you already have challenges at this stage, we recommend creating a Support Case, or if you want to have a technical discussion, your Account Manager can set up a meeting with a Solution Developer.

  • David Glock

    Hi Sven, thanks a lot for your reply. Now it worked for me. I tried the api calls with postman and not through the api help page. Thanks for the advice. 

    One more addition to my problem with single qoutes. The answer from Lee was correct. I noticed, that in the name I was searching in the database it wasn't used a single quote but an apostrophe (´) .

  • Sven Mannherz

    Hi David, thanks for the update. In such a case, I recommend extracting the name from the software and running it through URL Encoding if not returned via an API search. As this will always give you more details on the character used by the user, there is always the option for a user input error.

  • Markus Kolp

    I'm using page_size and page as parameter, but the result is always the same. No matter whether I set the page_size e.g. to 100 oder 1000.

    what am I doing wrong?

    e.g. /api/v1/Events/10?search=true$page_size=100

  • Sven Mannherz

    Hi Markus, I would recommend the following article on searching using the API: https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010610608-Search-Using-the-API

    The "search=true" parameter is not supported. If you need assistance in building the search query, please reach out to your account manager to schedule a training session.

  • Markus Kolp

    Hi Sven, thanks for the quick response. But my problem was not "search=true" (actually search=all gives the same results). But thanks for the right syntax.  ---   My problem is the page size parameter: it just doesn't work. I always get the same result, no matter if I set the page size to 1, 100, 1000, etc. ?

  • Sven Mannherz

    If the page_size can be reproduced, I suggest submitting a support ticket. This allows our product team to review why this is happening with your database.

  • Phil barker

    Hello. I am having trouble using the POST method of the JournalEntryDetails API endpoint.

    The JournalEntry (Purchase Accrual) is created successfully but the POST JournalEntryDetails with payload similar to below

    "Description":"Big Chairs",
    "Reference":"PO_ID 10204054",

    fails with error
    -- System.ArgumentNullException: 'column' argument cannot be null.Parameter name: column at System.Data.DataRow.CheckColumn(DataColumn column) at System.Data.DataRow.get_Item(DataColumn column) at Ungerboeck.Common.StdFuncs.GetDateColumnValue(DataRow arow, String astrColumnName, DataRowVersion aobjModifiedRowVersion, DataColumn aobjColumn, Boolean& ablnIsNull) in C:\AzureBuildAgents\USSTL-PATCH_1\_work\4\s\Base Services\USIBAS00\stdfuncs.vb:line 9036 at Ungerboeck.Common.StdFuncs.GetDateColumnVa...

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Phil,

    I have submitted this bug to our development department to fix.  It should show a more informative message.

    In the meantime, my quick tests show this error might occur if the EntryNumber value isn't found.  Can you double check if it exists and try again?


  • Phil barker

    Thanks for looking into this Rudy and for progressing it to the development team.

    I can confirm that the EntryNumber is valid, having just previously successfully created the Journal Entry.

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