Move Items to a New Service Order



  • Jemma Slater

    Is there any opportunity/will there be any opportunity  in the future of being able to split a service order for space rental (booking order) and then moving the new order to a new function?


    We are currently only version 20.90L but upgrading our system to 20.93 tonight.


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Jemma,

    You aren't able to move Booking Orders/items to a different function if they are actually booking items/space rates. When splitting out space rates, the new order is still a Booking Order. Booking Orders are on the Planning function and can't be moved for many reasons. If there are items other than space rates, like a microphone or something, that you want to split off, then you can create the new order and move to to a new function using Move Order. If there are no booking items on the new order, it is no longer flagged as a Booking Order and can be moved to a different function.

    Hope that helps!


  • Jemma Slater

    Hi Maggie

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I understand what you mean I guess it's just a wish list item of ours to be able to split a booking order between two functions. One of the reports we use frequently will allow us to set parameters of which functions we wish to see on a report. On some occasions we have built a 'multi-day/booking' event where we split the booking order and then create separate functions (one for each booking day) that contain all of the other resources on the order. We've found that this will allow us to keep the bookings bundled into one event but if we ever want to generate the report that shows only the costs/ordered items for one of the booking days we come unstuck as we can't find a way to omit the booking order for both booking dates.. A workaround for this would be to create the events separately in the system but we try to avoid that if possible as essentially the booking details are the same, just on different dates.

    Kind Regards




  • Sean Tame

    Hi Jemma,

    I have scenarios where there is as requirement (mainly for reporting) to have the booking rates tied to the Function.  In this case we do not enter the rate on the bookings, we manually add a service order for the rental directly onto the function.  In this way there is effectively no booking order and therefore no booking order restriction.

    While not ideal, I would certainly recommend this over creating multiple events.

  • Jemma Slater

    Hi Sean

    Thanks for the suggestion, I see how that could help avoid the issue we are having. I'll put forth that suggestion to our team and see what their thoughts are. If we can avoid creation of multiple events I'm all for it!

    Ideally I'd love to see a solution where we can create Level 2 functions underneath the Booking Order Function where split booking orders could be assigned to - that is the dream!

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