Report Naming Schemes



  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Theresa did you get this working? I have the same issue. 




  • Linda Moyer

    Hi Beth Harris!

    In order for a naming scheme to be available on the Report Master, No Subject must be selected in the Subject field. This will allow you to add the naming scheme to the functions report list, but it will also apply to all reports. We would recommend you speak to your CSM or a consultant before making this change!

  • Theresa Gorman

    I have been testing this with my crystal report for contracts - report ID CCA120

    No matter which subject I choose for the naming scheme i.e. contracts, events, I get the same message as below when I try to add the scheme.  What would I be doing wrong?

  • Beth Harris

    I have found I can only apply the report naming scheme from the Report Lists via the Main Menu.  Assigning it from the Report Master doesn't work for me.

    Are there any plans in the pipeline to enable report naming schemes for the subject of 'Functions'?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Theresa,

    We need some more information to figure out what could be happening. A bigger screenshot of the screen would be helpful if there is nothing proprietary as well as letting us know where you are trying to assign the naming scheme: on the Report List tab on the Report Master, on the report directly from the Report Mater or from the Report List screen from the Main Menu. Also, if you could let us know what the naming scheme looks like, such as any wildcards you are using, that would help as well.



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