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  • Linda Hilko

    Is it possible to customize the Auto-Generated Notification (Activity) that is generated by contract status?

    1 for the contract status at Waiting for internal approval.

    2nd for the contract sent status.

    Please advise. 

  • Dave Segasture

    Hi Linda - could you please provide a bit more context to your question?  For example, are your Users currently receiving Activities when the Contract is moved to a "Waiting for Internal Approval" Status and/or the "Sent" Status? 

    Or are they receiving a set of Activities when the Contract is created which include target dates and descriptions?

    In most cases the "Notification" Activities are generated by a Recipient List which is associated to your Contract via the Contract Configuration screen >> Send Options section. But those are typically notifications that a Contract Due Date has been changed/updated. Those Activities are found in the Activity Types screen - where you can certainly modify the Description of the Activity. 

    Perhaps more context in your question will help to point me in a direction where I can fully answer your question. 

    One other comment - in the past when I was working with clients who had complex Contract processes or needed to closely monitor the life-cycle of their Contracts - I created Views of Contract Statuses and Event Statuses which I then used to build View Gadgets for Contract Tracking Dashboards for the Users who needed the information. This allowed them to track the life-cycle of each Contract and dive-into the Contract from their Gadget for more details. 

    Looking forward to your response - and hope we can find a great solution for you and your Users. 

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