Default Function Level Colors



  • Does this work in v20?

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Lee,

    Yes, it does work in v20.  The best way to set them in v20 is on the Event Management Configuration window accessed from the Main Menu.  The option is on the General tab, under Function Attributes.  You can select the colors from a color picker there quite easily.

    I'll ask to have the article updated for the v20 options.

    Is there anything else specific you are looking for?


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

  • Thanks Wendy, unfortunately it doesn't appear to be working. Is there a parameter which might be disabling it? Or was it only recently added (we are on v20.9KX2)

  • Wendy Thompson

    It's been around for quite some time.  Can you tell me what exactly is not working for you?

    Have you tried re-selecting your colors?


  • Hi Wendy, that worked. I had to go and change all of the colours and change them back again.

    Thanks a mill.

  • Wendy Thompson

    Great!  It might have been a slightly different color palette so just needed a reset.  You're welcome!

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