Assign Features to Roles



  • Alex Calderhead

    If a feature is added to a role, are all of the role actions associated with that feature implictly granted? For example, if the feature 'General (Purchasing)' is added, will all the roles actions such as 'Add Purchase Order', 'Approve', 'Reject', etc. be granted?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, when a feature is added to a role, any actions associated with that feature are implicitly granted. You have to select the action and deny it for it to not be available.


  • Graeme Magowan

    How do I find out what actions / screens etc. are included in each feature? 
    It adds a level of uncertainty when adding a feature to a role since I don't know exactly what I am giving them.


  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Graeme - you can go to Element mapping and choose Feature from the dropdown. That should show you all options that are available on that feature. 

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