Waitlist (Cascading) Bookings



  • Himanshu Sheogaonkar


    Is anyone using this functionality?

    It is a great tool to enable bookings on waitlist status, however, we already have statuses configured as per below and i am wondering would it effect if we update this to above:

    10 - Provisional

    20 - Confirmed

    30 - RFI/ICD

    40 - Notification

    50 - Room Only

    80 - Cancelled

    85 - Lost



  • Dave Segasture

    There should be no real negative impact, you'll just need to introduce these new "Wait List Status Levels below your 10 "Provisional", as I'm assuming that "Provisional" is your Tentative Status... if it's actually 20 "Confirmed" then simply insert the new Waitlist Status Levels just below 20.

    Hope this answers your question and yes, we have quite a few clients using Wait listing.  

  • Kathy McLellan

    I'm testing this and have it working fine manually but am not able to successfully get the bookings to update automatically when selecting 'Update Event Status based on Waitlisted Bookings'.  Any suggestions?



  • Dave Segasture


    Review the configuration defined in your Organizational Parameters as prescribed in the article above and also review the Article on "Waitlisting (Cascading) Booking Rules" in the Knowledge Base... if you are correctly configured and the system is not performing as described, please report this to Support by clicking the Submit a Request menu on the home page of the Knowledge Base and then select Submit a Ticket. They will need to know the full details of your system including your USI Version (you can pull this from the ? button on your Global Nav Bar) and your Event Statuses and how you have these Org Parameters defined.

  • Permanently deleted user

    What is the best way to work with the situation where a booking which was put on a room first (first come, first serve) gets a 2nd option, because there is a new booking which get the 1st option? Now I move the orginal booking to a date in the future, make the new booking and then move the first booking back, but it feels as this is not the correct way.

  • Dave Segasture

    Not sure I'm following what you're trying to accomplish in this process? 

    Can you explain in a little more detail as to which Account is in which Booking Position (Tentative, 1st Hold, 2nd Hold etc.) and what is happening with each Account?


  • Permanently deleted user

    Room A is booked for Client 1, then a client with a booking with for example more rooms comes, so more revenue, sometimes It can happen that we book the rooms (inclusive room A)  for the client 2 (who came second). Both not firm bookings, but options (Tentative)  So not the principal of first come first serve. But I believe that its not possible to switch statuses (maybe that is only in our configuration the way?). Hope this clears up my question? It comes down to the fact that EBMS doesn't allow to change the event status manually.

  • Dave Segasture

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I'm not sure why you believe you cannot adjust the Event Status manually. You should be able to do that.  Let's build a quick example of how you'll have to move them.

    Let's say you have 2 or 3 Waitlist Slots defined.

    1st Client is "Tentative" (1 slot below Firm)

    2nd Client is "1st Waitlist"

    1. You move the 1st Client to a Waitlist Status below the Status of the 2nd Client (so you move them to the 2nd or 3rd Waitlist).
    2. Then, move the 2nd Client into the Tentative position.
    3. Finally go back to the 1st Client and mover them up into the 1st Waitlist position.

    If you don't have any open Waitlist Slots available when you attempt to move the 1st Client, you may need to add an additional Waitlist Slot to your Statuses and adjust your Organization Parameters.

    Hope this helps.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks, I believe due to the way it used to work, I was in the understanding that you couldn't change the statuses.But it seems to work perfectly. Thanks for helping.

  • Theresa Gorman

    Momentus Support Center

    We use waitlist but we have run into an issue.

    We have one event with space booked at firm status from noon to 6pm

    We have another event that needs to use the same space from 10am to 11am on the same day but it won't let us set to firm as the other event is preventing it.

    How can we get round this?

  • Dave Segasture

    Theresa -are there Lead and Strike times/dates involved in your space configurations?  You might want to look at how you have your Waitlisting configured in your Booking Configuration screen. You also might want to review your Org Parms related to Booking and Waitlisting - though I suspect this is probably a Lead/Strike issue. If none of those things resolve your issue - I'd reach out to your Consultant or Success Mgr for assistance. 

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