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  • Asli Okur

    Any clue why a user (contact) gets this error message in a v19 COE LOGON?

    'You cannot logon with this account because the account has no contacts.'

    The LOGON is set up like following:

    Only contacts can logon is clicked.

    If I take this away, then this error message does not show up of course, but the user trying to login is actually a contact in the system and not an organization. But regardless, the user does not get to see the event list in COE after login.

    The contact is listed under contacts in v20, a primary account (organization) is also mapped, internet logon is checked, can use v20 registration without any problems.

    If I compare account settings in v19 or 20 for different users from same organization, I do not see any differences, but one can login without problems, the other one gets this message at login, and if refreshes the page, does not see any events in COE (since I believe the system considers this account as a organization and not individual, although in v20 the account class for this entry is correctly shown as individual).

    I would be happy about any suggestion to check why this is happening.



  • Ken Treadway

    Thank you for your message.  I would like to have myself or a member of our team reach out to you directly and determine exactly what it is you are seeking to do and how we can best accomplish that request.  I am going to contact Abraham in our EMEA office to get this conversation going.

  • Lynn McDonnell


    I am trying to set up the 'Allow Auto Logon with Account Code on URL' so that some internal users do not have to log on to VA every time. I have used the &accountcode=*AcctCode but I get the error 'Log on was attempted with an invalid account code, however I am testing with my own account/account code.

  • Ken Treadway

    Tell me a bit more about your LOGON settings. Do you have it checked so that only contacts can logon.  Please email me screenshots of the tabs of your LOGON configuration to ken.treadway@ungerboeck.com and I will try and piece that together for you.  Thanks!

  • Levin Shum

    Hi there, is there any way to set a verification when new users sign up for a new account? Like a verification email that send to the email address that they entered and require them to click on that link to activate the account.


    We are setting up a new VA for public to use. Evaluating whether we can prevent potential spams or misuse that users using someone else's email addresses.


    Thank you,


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Levin,

    Unfortunately, there is not a verification option. I encourage you to post this in the Product Idea forums to get feedback from the community and for our Product Managers to have additional visibility to the request.



  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    I set up a user and when they try to log in they get the error message "cannot logon with this account because the account has no contacts"  

    I set up 2 users, exactly the same, one can log on and one can't.  


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Joey,

    If you uncheck the Only Contacts Can Logon check box, then accounts with no contacts can login. Give that a try on your logon configuration and see if it works for you.



  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    That worked, thank you!!

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