Allow Registrants to Select Products and Services



  • Becky Slembarski

    When in the Event, I can select the Products and Services that I want, but then when I hit OK to save, they disappear. Any ideas? So then when I go into my form template to add a Products and Services group, my list is empty still....

  • Lori Lee

    I'm able to get the products and services to appear within the online registration screen and was able to select them during registration, but where is this information saved? I thought under the registrant, but its not showing up there. 

  • Karin



    Do you know where can I find this -> The Products and Services need to be assigned to the Registration module.

    Where is Registration module? is this  And what I need to do?


  • Kim Boettcher

    Hi Karin, 

    To use products and services in registration, you need to configure them at both the event level and within registration setup.

    1st --> Go to the Products and Services tab of the Edit Event window and select which ones you'd like to be available for the event. You do this by clicking the Select button on the grid and then dragging to select which ones you'd like.

    2nd --> Once you have your products and services on the event, go to Tools > Registration Setup (on the Edit Event window). Once you're on the Registration Setup window, go to the Registration Form Setup tab and click the link that says "Edit Form Template." Once you're on the form template, you can add a Products and Services section to any of the pages by expanding the Add dropdown and selecting that option. From there you will be able to select from the products and services you set up on the event itself. These are the products and services that will be available to select on your online registration form.

    Hope this helps!

  • Karin

    Hi Kim,

    thank you for the explanation I will try now.


    Best regards, Karin

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