Show Only Selected Registrant Types in Online Registration



  • Nice tip. I knew you could do this with a single registrant type but not with multiple- thanks

    Slightly off topic, but do you know if it is possible to restrict guest registrant types in any way? From my initial investigation it appears you can't even tie a registration configuration to guest registrant types so they will always all be shown?

  • Carrie Spalding

    Lee, I don't know your business case, but this might help - You can create one web configuration where guests are allowed and another where guests are not.



  • The scenario we came across last week... We have a 2 day event and want to send 4 different invites out (different sets of people);

    1. Invite for Saturday just for "you"
    2. Invite for Saturday for "you and a guest"
    3. Invite for Sunday just for "you"
    4. Invite for Sunday for "you and a guest"

    We can use the reg config to limit the main registrant to only select the relevant reg type but then the guest sees all guest reg types. Make sense?

  • Kaitlyn Batliner

    Hello Lee,

    Currently, we are unable to restrict guest registrant types. If you could, please submit your query on our Registration & Conferences Product Ideas forum, for further review. I have informed Product Management so if anything changes, we will be sure to update you on this post.

    Thank you,

    Kaitlyn Batliner

    Ungerboeck Consultant

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