Prevent a User from Accessing Momentus Enterprise



  • Alex Cartwright

    Is it possible to simplify this by ticking the box marked Hold?

  • Mark Meacham

    The "Hold" checkbox is really only used for informational purposes only and is not linked to any functionality in the application. I can see an administrator ticking this checkbox to flag a new user that they are currently configuring for access management or setting up for the first time.

  • How about changing the login id ?

  • Mark Meacham

    Yes, changing the Login ID for the user would work.

    If using v20, you would also have to change the user's email address as well, since the user can either log in to the database with their Login ID or using their email address.

  • Where is the retire button in V20?

  • Mark Meacham

    On the Edit Users window, there is a Retire checkbox field that you can tick to retire the user. If you do not see this field on the Edit Users window, then your Administrator will need to add this field to your window layout by going through the Edit Layout hyperlink.

    It is usually on the main General screen next to the Email address field for the user and just above the login ID field.

    I hope this helps.

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