Replace a User ID



  • Keary Harris

    I would like to replace the User ID of an employee whose last name has changed.  Our company is on version 19.  Before I make any changes, I want to ensure I am updating correctly because our links are named slightly different than those mentioned in this article. 

    In v19, would I go to the User Master menu (not 'Users'), click on the individual that needs to be updated, and chose 'add same as'? (We don't have the option to 'copy user'). 

    Once the individual is added, I'm assuming I could then simply click on the user that needs to be updated, and replace the user ID with the one that was just created?

    Thank you.

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Keary, 

    These instructions were written for the web-based version of the software (v20).  However, the Replace User process can be accomplished entirely through v19, and you are doing it correctly.

    Please let us know if you run into any trouble.  Have a great day!

  • Shelby Dodge

    Is this in a way similar to a merge? Will all of the actions and data under the original account flow into the new one that we're replacing it with?

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Shelby - 

    Yes - that's the intent.  If the actions etc. from the previous user don't matter, then you can simply create a new user with a new name and retire the old user.



  • Rebecca Perry

    Can this function work more like a replace resource code? It seems more work then necessary to have to copy the account (where you need to add a bogus SSO login to allow for the save) to then have to go and 'merge' it and then go and correct the login ID. 

  • Rachel Parker

    I have completed this process today and agree with Rebecca's comments above. Just to copy the account we need to first change the log in ID and remove the User Type or it won't allow the record to be copied. Once the User Id has been replaced we still need to link the Personnel account to the User. It seems a bit convoluted and is easy to miss steps (ie; Adding the Personnel account), if it could be a simple replacement of the User ID this would be preferred.

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