Truncating Decimals From a Number Field



  • Lori Lee

    Should this also work for EZWriter SQL? We have a custom field that we assigned as Numeric for a phone number (has no dashes in it), but it turns out its inserting decimals in the report. Instead of having to reassign that custom field to a text field, I'd rather truncate the decimals in sql, but it keeps throwing a "Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int." 

  • Lori Lee

    I tried this using BIGINT instead.

    For example:  CAST(ER110_EVT_REGIS.ER110_AMT_01 AS BIGINT) AMT01

    Then within Merge Data Formats I inserted this AMT01 field in my report. No errors, but no data is appearing in that column on the report. Any idea? 

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