Add a Custom Report



  • Sara Noonan
    Hi Doug, I think we'll need a new article for that, as it takes place entirely outside of the report master. Let me see what I can find for you.
  • Sara Noonan
    Hi Doug - check this article out. This might be what you need. https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/204564318
  • Sara Noonan

    Any time!

  • Kris Corrigan

    Thanks Sara

    That makes sense

  • Kris Corrigan

    Can you create a custom report link for a ezwriter query

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Kris, 

    You can but you can't (if that makes sense).  You can create a custom link running the command/query, but it will open in Back Office. 

  • Doug Ross
    This is a great article but seems to show how to add custom reports to existing report lists. My question is how to add reports to a menu. In v19 we could add menu items and used this feature to build menu items with reports that the staff could run. Is there a way to do that in v20. Or can a 'reporting' dashboard be built to organize the custom crystal reports in? Thanks.

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