Styling an iEBMS Logon Configuration



  • Lori Lee

    The Issue Type field under the User Defined Fields area...this is where you define the custom field set to use, but why is it I only see one of my custom field sets? Shouldn't I be able to select any of my custom field sets I have setup under 'Registration Custom Fields Sets'? 

  • Lori Lee

    I found some past notes that explains why this is happening and how to resolve it. It says I need to access the Organization Master in V19, edit our organization and enter the custom field set code in the alphanumeric value field next to the application AA and Code CI50. I already have another custom field set assigned to that, so can I add two form values here? If not, whats my solution? 

  • Stephan Froden

    Hi Lori, if you have set the Account Designation as Registration, then you can define your Default Issue for the 'Organization Account' and 'Individual Account' within the Registration Configuration window or in the Organization Master > Parameters window (AA AI50 and AACI50)

    The questions that you are asking are not directly related to the topic of this article.  If you require more specialized assistance for your particular situation I suggest that you contact our Client Care department for further assistance.

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