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  • Alex Randall

    Hi! I'm trying to understand the difference between Access Exceptions and Access Privileges in 20.8, and I'm having trouble finding an explanation in the support center on Access Privileges. From reading the few articles that mention it, my understanding is that Access Privileges were something used in v19 that is still respected in v20, and it sounds like they overlap in purpose with Access Exceptions. Is this accurate? Are there any distinctions between Access Exceptions and Access Privileges in v20?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Alex,

    You are correct that access privileges were used in v19 in order to control access to different processes and areas within the software (along with menus). Access privileges are still respected in v20 and can still be used.

    Access Exceptions are the same principle as Access Privileges but it allows more finite control on an action by action or field by field basis as well as "hiding" the processes a user can't perform.

    A simple example is there is an access privilege that prevents users from editing multiple accounts. If the user doesn't have that access privilege, the user still sees the Edit Multiple option but when they go to use it, they receive a message that they don't have access. If you used access exceptions to control the access to Edit Multiple on the Accounts screen, you can remove the Edit Multiple option from the users right-click menu so the user never even sees the option.

    There will still always be a need for access privileges - such as limiting access to edit an event by coordinator or status, which access exceptions aren't built to manage (at least they aren't today). So there are some cases where the access privileges and access exceptions don't overlap.

    Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions.


  • Alex Randall

    Thanks, Maggie, this is very helpful. I'll let you know if any other questions arise!

  • Laura Webb

    Hi! I want to affect the field restriction on a field that doesn't have the same field restriction icon in Edit Layout that other fields do. Is it possible that not all fields are eligible for field restrictions? Specifically I am trying to grant access to edit the Document Description (MM446_DOC_DESC). Is it unavailable in Field Restrictions?

  • Ken Treadway

    At this time, the Document Properties window does not have Field Privileges enabled for any of the fields in this window, including Description.  As we continue our development within the software, this idea will continue to be explored.  Thank you for your suggestion, Laura.

  • Laura Webb

    Thanks Ken. That's helpful.

  • Sean Tame

    Indeed it would be very handy to have this feature globally.  The other day I needed to make the Management Report Code mandatory on the Issue Invoice window but similarly I could not.

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