Replace Resource Codes



  • Shibin V P

    Nice feature !!

  • Michelle Herson

    Is there anyway you can just change the name of the resource code?  One of our buildings changed names and we need to update it everywhere.


  • Sean Tame

    Hey Michelle,

    As the Name of the Resource is not a primary key, you do not need to use the Replace Resource process, you should be fine to just Edit the name in the Edit Resource window.  Is this what you need?

  • Michelle Herson

    Hi Sean,

    You are right, I was referring to the wrong thing.  I meant we need to change the name of the Type.  

  • Sean Tame

    Oh, I see.  The field just to the right (Resource Type Description) should be editable.  You can change it there.

  • Michelle Herson

    That worked!  Thank you!

  • Beth Harris

    I need to re-assign some Resource Type Descriptions in our system for items that have been given the incorrect class but the Resource Type Description field isn't editable for me:

    Please can anyone advise if this is a certain access privilege I need to enable?

  • Tyler Lewis

    Hello Beth, 

    The way you are able to change this field is locating the Resource Type itself within the Resources window.

    Tyler Lewis - Business Analyst 
    Venue Operations

  • Beth Harris

    Hi Tyler,

    Thank you for your reply.  I've gone via the Resources window as suggested but the ability for me to change it still seems unavailable to me.  I will contact my VSM to see if there are any restrictions to my access.

    Thanks again,


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