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  • Kris Corrigan

    Is their anything moving forward to make any of these fields mandatory/required

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kris,

    We currently do not have anything on our roadmap.  Based on how required fields currently work,  then they would have to be entered when the event is entered which wouldn't be applicable for all the statistics items being tracked. 


  • Kris Corrigan


    Which table will we find the statistics?



  • er101

  • Can we search and view statistics as we can service orders?

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Eddie - the best place to report on Statistics is through the Work Orders or Work Order Items pages. You are able to set a filter on both the pages for Order Type/Type - Order. Then select Statistics to report on only statistics orders. Set any other filters/columns as needed. Thanks.

    Mark F

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Mark,

    We really need a more usable UI for Stats.

    1) Can we have a full screen view for Event Stats?  The tab preview just doesn't cut it a lot of the time.  Not being able to easily expand this tab (as almost all other tabs can be) leads to some creative window bending
    2) This would allow a true global window for stats across events making KPI reporting etc a breeze
    3) We need to be able to add stats easier then click, click, click, scroll, click, click, click.  There is no way (as there was in v19) to multi select a group of stats to add
    4) Which leads to grouping stats.  In v19 they were naturally grouped by Resource Type.  In v20 the selection UI is just a multi-select dropdown (ungrouped).  Perhaps this could be changed to a Select window (left - right) where the grids can be grouped by Resource Type.  Additionally, the stats grid only has the Resource Type Code and not the Resource Type Description available for display.  Grouping by 6XX123 makes no sense to the end user.

    Anyway, Hoping some of this can be considered as I've found on-boarding people to stats in v20 faces a lot of resistance due to the UI where as v19 was very straight forward.


  • All excellent points Sean.

    Would you put this in the enhancement request section?

  • Tabitha Chase

    Can I see Forecast Statistic Items from the Work Order Items screen?  I'm having trouble finding a way to pull this information.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Tabitha,

    You may need to add some fields to your Search Layout.  Look for Order Item Phase - set to Forecast and Type - Order set to Statistics Order.

  • Tabitha Chase

    HI Sean,

    I can get it to show me the resource items, but I can't get it to show me the forecast amounts entered.

  • Sean Tame

    You have a point - not sure why Forecast is an option in the Phase filters.  Forecast orders do not create Work Orders.

    You will have to view these via the Event only or wait until you upgrade to get the Statistics master screen.

  • Tabitha Chase

    Thanks Sean!  What is the statistics master screen and what version does it come with?

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Tabitha,

    From the v20.94 What's New document:

    A new tab/section, Statistic Items, has been added to Events that allows you to display a break out of the statistic items for an event. Filters for phase, department, management report code and others are also included.

    With the addition of this new tab/section it is now possible to create summary fields based on statistic items for an event.
    In addition to the tab/section at the Event level, a main menu option has been added as well that allows you to view and report on statistic items across events.

    The ability to create dashboard gadgets and reports across statistic items is also now possible.

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