SOP: Attaching a custom report to the confirmation email



  • Tom Meersman

    Thx for this explanation. I was looking to edit the confirmation email.

    However, in which versions is this option available?

    We are running v19.3 and I'm not seeing this option.



  • Tom Meersman

    Furthermore, I was looking for the default Crystal Reports which generates the order confirmation, but I couldn't find it. There is a report named service_order_confirmation but that doesn't seem to be the one.

  • Kris Corrigan


    For the email confirmation inserting a wildcard, whats the difference between the event coordinator and event rep?

    Where will it pick this information for each wildcard in the system?



  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Kris - the Event Coordinator is pulling from the Coordinator (EV200_COORD_1) on the event and the Event Rep from the Salesperson (EV200_SLSPER) field. Thanks.

    Mark F

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