What is an EZWriter Data Format?



  • Becky Slembarski

    I'm running into an issue where my detail section is being skipped altogether. The Header and Summary appear just fine, and the SQL in the data source is OK in the detail section. I'm using a table, and there is some text too, and none of it appears. Can anyone help?

  • Kris Corrigan

    Can you have an ez writer for excel

  • Ricardo Guevara

    Hello Kris, thanks for submitting your question.

    The EZ-Writer Data Format returns an HTML document that can be inserted in a Webpage as well as a Word document due to it's ability to interpret HTML. Microsoft Excel works a bit differently and does not interpret HTML the way you would need to in order to display data from your EZ-Writer Data Format directly to your Excel document. The short answer would be no, it is not supported.

    If you would like to extract only data with no specific format, you could get cleaver and create a EZ-Writer Data Format and use it on a WRI page that returns an HTML table with your headers and rows. Then, in Excel, you can go to the <Data> tab and select the option "From Web" located at the "Get External Data" group and provide the URL of your WRI page. Excel will extract the data and recognize that is in a tabular format and respect the columns and rows. Take under consideration that the values are not strongly typed, this means that everything will be considered as text. You can configure each column on your Excel document to set the data type accordingly.

    I hope this information helps.

  • Kris Corrigan

    Hi Ricardo

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am trying to pull basic info in to excel, ‘Event ID’, ‘Event Name’ etc can this be done via the wildcards similar to word.


  • Ricardo Guevara

    No problem Kris,

    At this moment, wildcards are not available in Excel, nevertheless, there are other options to pull data from Ungerboeck to Excel. I would encourage you to contact your Ungerboeck Technical Services department and they will be able to offer a few options.

  • Megan Eve

    If I was wanting to list the booked spaces and the rates that go with that space in a word template document. Is that where I would use EZWriter Data Formats along with the wildcards needed. I have never used EZWriter Data Formats before. Seeking some guidance. thank you!

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Megan,

    It certainly is!  Any time you need repeating data (eg a grid of something - bookings, orders, etc) you need to use EZWriter.


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