EZWriter Parameters



  • Sophie Bossard

    Example of EZWriter parameters that can be used when configuring the Session EZWriter configuration or Speaker EZWriter configuration (used for publishing the Abstract agenda online): @ABSTRACT and @ORGANIZATION will need to be passed via the Merge Data Source. The @EVENT is not needed here since you can find the event id in the abstract table directly.

  • Denis Vanrijkel

    Is there a list of EZWriter parameters which can be used from each window?

  • Emily Crank


    The EZWriter parameters are going to match the available parameters for the window's report list.  For help finding that information see: https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/entries/23758396 

  • Thomas C. Heuer Jr.

    When using parameters, what is the difference between the !parameter! and @parameter options?

  • Alex Hanson

    @parameters allow you to pass the parameter value to the report automatically without requiring the user to enter the value. An example of this would be adding a report to the Events page that uses the @Event parameter. When the user runs the report it will automatically pass the event ID based on which event record the user has selected when they ran the report. And now they don't have to manually type in the event ID.

    The !parameter! is also called a special look-up parameter. This will add a prompt to the report letting the user look-up the desired value in a window because they probably don't know the exact value that should be passed to the report off the top of their head. An example of this would be a report that allows the user to select which department to filer on. The report would need to filter on the department code. Instead of relying on the user to know the department code the !Department! parameter can be used so that when the report runs a prompt window automatically appears with an option to select the desired department from a list of departments.

    For more details about @parameters and !parameters! please see the link to the article below. This was specifically written for Crystal reports, but the same concept applies to EZWriter reports. However, please note that for Crystal reports we use the syntax
    %parameter instead of !parameter!, but the resulting functionality is the same.


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