Add Parameters to a Crystal Report



  • Lori Lee

    Yes, this works great if you aren't using Ungerboeck tables, but I think it should be mentioned that Parameters are handled differently, specifically the Active Parameters. I learned the hard way about this and still not sure I have all the information I need. 

  • Ricardo Guevara

    Thank you for your comment Lori. There are additional articles in the knowledge base that cover the topics of Active Parameters and Special Lookup fields and as you mention, it is a good idea to reference these articles in this one. I have added three links to these articles to complement the information shown here.

    Thanks again for helping us build a better Knowledge Base.

  • Jason Allen

    Dynamic prompts now work? are they only applicable/supported from version xx.xx onwards? Previous attempts to use Dynamic prompts within UB crystal reports have not worked.

  • Nikki Crook

    I am trying to use a dynamic prompt in my report without any luck so far. Based on Jason's reply can I assume that this functionality is still not available in Ungerboeck (I am hoping that given the latest post on this is 4 years old, that things have changed).

    Your help is much appreciated! Regards, Nikki

  • Ricardo Guevara

    Hello Nikki,

    Ungerboeck offers several ways to pass parameters from the application to a Crystal Report. Whether it is using static or dynamic parameters set up on the report itself or using Ungerboeck's Active Parameters and Special Lookup fields, the reporting servers cover a wide set of options.

    While all these options have been available for several years, I believe that there was a short period where v20.x windows were not operating correctly when using some specific dynamic parameter configurations, nevertheless, this was addressed in the next immediate release.

    If you still have questions specific to the report you are building after reviewing the articles shared here, please contact your Ungerboeck's Client Care department and we will be happy to help.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Nikki, it may help if you can clarify whether you are referring to what Crystal call dynamic parameters or what USI call dynamic parameters?

    I'm 99% sure v19 and v20 are still yet to support Crystal's dynamic parameters (I just ran a quick test).

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