Limit Crystal Reports Availability



  • Rebecca Green

    It does not appear that the Event limits that can be applied in v19 are available in v20.  Our venues use one organization in the application, but each venue has a specific event category so we made use of the Event Category field to filter what reports appear.  What are our options in v20?  Currently every report appears regardless of the filters applied in v19.

  • Emily Crank

    Currently the filtering configured in v19 is not applied in v20.  If you need to access the filtered list, you will need to use Reports (v19) when running reports from v20.  

    The other option is to include the venue name in the report description so that users can filter the report lists and save the filtered view to use as a default.

  • Theresa Gorman

    Is there a way to completely restrict access to reports in V20.9.  Filtering on report lists are fine but it appears that a user can still go to the main menu and run reports from there

  • Couple of ideas;

    • Reports on the main menu can be restricted using action access exceptions
    • Reports could be flagged as secure then the access privilege used to determine who (if anyone) can run secure reports
    • Reports could be removed from report lists if nobody needs to be able to run them

    Let me know if any of those suggestions work out.


  • Theresa Gorman

    Thanks Lee - the 'secure' button wasn't in the report master layout - have added this now and applied the access privilege to allow run secure reports

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