Outlook Stays Disabled



  • Hogben, John

    This only works if the add-in is actually disabled. It doesn't explain what to do if the Add-in is merely not appearing as a tab in the options dialogue which is the case with my issue at the moment.

  • Steven Chapman

    I'm having a similar issue with when we upgrade our hardwear / software. We're pushing users on to Outlook 2013 and giving them 64bit laptops. Does the version 20.6 add in work with outlook 2013 on 64bit machines?

  • Joel Frédéric Rogol

    Yes, the Outlook Add-in works with Outlook 2013 on 64-bit machines.

  • Quentin Hendricks

    The Outlook Add-in does in-fact work with Outlook 2013 on 64-bit OS machines. To address the other question, if the add-in isn't showing up at all, please make sure you are using the latest install of the version being used. Close Outlook and completely uninstall previous versions. Then, re-install the most recent add-in for your version. 

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