Real-Time Inventory Checking with Basic Inventory Module



  • Overduzco
    does not explain how to link resources?
  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    There is an option in the resources >> Resource Availability (Additional Information), find the Real-Time Inventory Check option with "Stop if quantity is exceeded", the resource code and the item code must match in this reference.

  • Jennifer Catalano

    Hello, I tested the solution and initially it worked with the warning coming when I created an order in an event. I registered the resources as stock articles, I created a receiving transaction for the initial amount, I see the correct stock amount in the report and I set the resource settings to warn if quantity is exceeded.. but when i try and select in an event with a known quantity above my stock, i get no warning.. any ideas how I can troubleshoot?  Thanks

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Hi Jennifer - we have an article that's right up your alley - link below. My guess is that you don't have the Lead Days properly populated on your inventory item. Thanks.


    Mark F


  • Kris Corrigan


    Any idea why I would be getting an inventory warning for an item on another event after. than the item on the previous event.

    So 10 units on an event in May and unable to add the same item to an event in July without getting the inventory warning.



  • Dave Segasture

    Kris, you will only get this warning if the volume of the Item you're trying to Order exceeds your Available Inventory Level for even a portion of the Date/Time for which you're ordering the item. 

    In other words, check Service Order Items for this Item for the Date of your Order - and see if you can identify which other Event has this same Item Ordered. 

    For example:

    Let's say you have Event 6000 Booked from 8:00am July 7th to 2:00pm July 8th and they have this Item Ordered from 08:00am 7/7 to 2:00pm 7/8.

    You also have Event 6025, booked on 7/8 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm and you are adding a new Service Order for this Item on 7/8 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm - you have a 1 hour overlap from the other Events Ordered Time and if the total volume of the 2 combined Orders for that 1 Hour overlap, exceed your Total Inventory Level, you will get that Warning. 

    If that doesn't sort this out, please report this to Support so we can get a Tech to work with you to investigate. 

  • Kris Corrigan

    Thanks Dave I will log a call as the event are weeks apart and the item dates and times are weeks apart also.

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