Inventory Journal Entry Distribution



  • Kultana Arunmetta


         Thank for good information. I saw there were  "Cr Receipt - Accrual","Dr Receipt - Inventory", "Cr Valuation - CGS" and "Dr Valuation - Inventory". May I ask for GL distribution of those?  I'm just join in financial section. 

  • Patrick Tenny

    CR Receipt - Accrual - overrides the purchasing accrual set up in Purchasing configuration PO200, so typically not needed.

    DR Receipt - Inventory gl transaction might be used on the receipt transaction if purchasing/payables did not already process a DR Inventory transactions with payables transaction. If configured, it would be a duplicate of the payable transaction.

    CR & DR Valuation are normally part of the configuration. It creates gl transactions when generating the Valuation utility.

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