Issue Purchase Orders



  • Shalen Sookdeo

    How do i get a report of all issued PO emails that are sent to the supplier in V19?

  • Maggie U.

    You can use the Documents tab on the Edit Supplier Account window to view the emails sent to a supplier. By using the Document Type filter, you can filter the tab down to just emails.

  • Sonja Rickenbacher

    Hi there. Is it possible to set the default on the 'issue purchase order' screen drop-down list to 'issue purchase order'? It seems to be set to 'issue purchase order and email report' which most of our users don't want to do.

  • Patrick Tenny

    The system is designed to save the previous selection as the default for the next Issue. If it does not, please enter a ticket with support

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Can the Supplier Contact be automatically populated based on the Supplier? I've assigned the contact against the supplier as a primary contact but it currently isn't populating.

  • Irene Tjandrasa

    Hi Gavin,

    To clarify, you don't see the supplier contact on the dropdown to select on PO window? 




  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Hi Irene, 

    I see the Supplier Contact. I'm wondering if we can specify a contact that displays as default? So in your example, I want to assign Scott Milward as the primary supplier contact so that he automatically displays. This would mean our team don't have to choose every time before issuing the PO.

  • Irene Tjandrasa

    Hi Gavin,

    Currently there is no way to set up your contact to automatically display on your PO. You may submit this as an enhancement case if you like. 



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