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  • Jennifer Hinkle

    When configuring payment plans and your on the Add payment schedule steps screen...What exactly does "Round to the nearest whole amount" mean?  Is that meant round to the nearest whole DOLLAR or whole CENTS?  For reference: We are using Memo payment plans and didn't seem to have issued until we changed from "Percent" to "Fixed Percent" option. 

  • Irene Tjandrasa

    Hi Jennifer,

    Round to nearest whole amount is round to nearest whole Dollar. Can you explain more detail on issues you're having ?



  • Andrew Blanda

    Can anyone tell me what the Deposit Billing - Invoice Payment Plans access privilege means? The description sounds very similar to the Invoice Interim Payment Plan Steps access privilege (the way I read it). Or, can anyone tell me the difference between the 2?

  • Ryan Ungerboeck

    There are two directions a site should choose for payment plan invoicing security.  Although it will not do harm to configure this way, there is no reason that all privileges should be implemented in a single instance as it will just lead to requiring more privileges than necessary to be setup.

    Invoice Payment Plan Steps  

    Changed from "Deposit Billing - Invoice Payment Plans" for 20.96

    This privilege controls who can invoice payment plans steps - both interim and final.  If this privilege is implemented - then a user must be assigned to it in order to invoice any type of payment plan step. 

    NOTE:  We would recommend not assigning any users to this privilege if you wish to divide the privilege by interim vs deposit invoicing as it will just require users to be assigned to more privileges than necessary. 

    Invoice Interim Payment Plan Steps 

    Invoice Final Payment Plan Step

    For those that wish to break apart the access to who can invoice deposit steps vs final invoices - these access privileges may be used. If implemented, this will override the users general invoice payment plan step security described in option 1.

    NOTE:  If implementing both of these more detailed privileges, there is no need to assign users to the "Invoice Payment Plan Steps" privilege.

  • Sean Tame

    (Perhaps name the first one Invoice Payment Plan Steps - Interim & Final ?)

  • Andrew Blanda

    Thanks for the clarification, Ryan :)

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