Changing the Account for a Payment



  • Kris Corrigan

    We have an order were part of the payment plan has been invoiced and we now need to change the bill-to keeping the 1st invoice, How can we amend the bill-to for orders that have had the 1st part of the payment plan invoiced.

  • Patrick Tenny


    We have just a single-bill to per order. If I needed to bill a different account, I would create separate orders with separate payment plan to bill different accounts. In the scenario above, I would edit the order amount to be what was invoiced on step 1. Then create an order for the remaining amount and add payment steps as needed.

  • Kris Corrigan

    Hi Pat

    How can we do this for booking orders as the service order is automatically created, I have added a service order but the space doesn't add to the booking screen.



  • Patrick Tenny

    Development has it in their roadmap to split booking orders. Until then, I would add a negative resource "Space Rent Billed to Others" to reduce the order value. Then on the new order have a generic Space Rental resource

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