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  • Theresa Gorman

    Can you please clarify instruction for changing where taxes are set in the price list for V20.94

    There is no V19 option to:

    Right-click and select Edit -> Edit Price List Item (v19). The Edit Price List Item opens. This change must be done through the v19 menu option.

    The 'Tax Rate Change' check box is in 20.94 layout and the 'Tax Rate Date'

    The step described in your guide

    Check the Tax Rate Change check box in the Pricing section. A date field becomes available and the Advanced Price and Late Price field labels update to Rate and New Rate.

    There is no 'Rate' and 'New Rate' fields displaying

    If I click on 'Advanced Setup'  the fields 'Early' and 'Late' are greyed as we do not use these on our price list.

    We need to update for impending tax rate change


  • Lauren Curd
    You are looking for the correct thing, and the late price field not becoming editable is a problem that we will review further. I'm going to ask your CSM to get in touch with you about solutions for getting the new rate updated.
  • Gavin Gilmartin

    If you have multiple tax rates configured on a reduced tax resource, how do you define which rate is chosen if your tax configuration is based on event date? We have events next month that will use the new 12.5% tax rate, our service orders show the 12.5% rate however our payment plans are still using the 5% rate.

    Does anyone know how to update the payment plans with the new rate? We wouldn't want to change the effective date of the tax resource 5% tax rate as that would impact all events taking place this month.

  • Theresa Gorman

    Have you tried the recalculate tax tool on the payment plan?

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Hi Theresa hope you're well. 

    Yeah tried that.

  • Theresa Gorman

    Did you check the below setting in the tax configuration?  for you it would need to be unchecked.


  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Yeah me and Josiane just worked that out but thank you for your help really appreciate it. 

  • Theresa Gorman

    cool - to make it easier for my users, I have 2 fields set in the payment plan invoice window.  One to show the VAT rate (assuming there is only one VAT rate) and a link to recalculate.

    View looks like this

    Tax rate formula =({Tax}/{Subtotal})*100

    Recalculate Link

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    I have the column Tax % but not Recalculate Tax thank you very much!

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