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  • Jason Allen

    What is the correct URL to give to members so that they can logon and update their details?

  • Dave Segasture

    Jason, unfortunately there is no one correct URL... because everyone's Web Server setup is different.

    What you do is modify your existing MBD URL and replace the "page" section with the section listed above you wish to have as your landing point. In the case of your question, I would suggest mbd_p6_profile_editor. 

    Copy your URL and paste it into an editor such as Notepad, and then modify it as described above.

  • Sean Tame


    So why do I get an error trying to hit mbd_p6_profile_editor? (with oc=nn&cc=ZZZ&accountcode=00012345)

    I can get to mbd_profile_editor_list just fine, select the contact name and press the edit contact details button to get to p6, but I want to land there directly.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Dave Segasture

    Sean... it might be AcctCode= instead of accountcode... but, that said... if that change doesn't work... contact Support directly, to have them and development look at it. I know in some cases, that autologging trick doesn't work, or there could be some other issue.


  • have you tried p2?

    we link to p5 but have tweaked it so it doesn't display the list but goes straight to the account code we pass in (we consider displaying a list a breach of data protection)

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Dave and Lee.

    @Dave I think accountcode is the right parameter switch.  It works for P5.  If I use the AcctCode switch, it just goes to P2.

    The other thing I cannot work out how to do, is NOT show and Company accounts or allow edits on company accounts.

    The requirement I have in this instance is for Individuals to update certain details.  When they log on, they also have the ability to see and edit their associated company account.  Is there some way to suppress this?

    @Lee.  P2 is just the logon page.  Are you suggesting to hit that but with the logon passed in, expecting that to kick it to the edit page?  Also, are aware of the (relatively new) feature to 'Hide Member List'?  This will suppress the list of accounts from being able to display.  Previously we would configure MBD with a 'fake' P&S code called Do not Use and then link that to the MBD config as a filter.  As long as no accounts had the DNU code, they would not display, but it had risks.

  • Dave Segasture


    There are some standard configuration settings you may apply in MBD to control some of this "Editing" functionality, but it is fairly limited and in some cases fairly broad in how it's applied.

    While I obviously can see some of the requirements you need in your comment... if you would please spell out specifically what fields you want the Member to be able to see and allow them to do, including what they should be blocked from seeing and/or doing and I can discuss this with Product Mgmt to see what might be possible via the standard configuration.

    Other options would be to work with our Digital Services team who could mask fields in the standard screens, or if you really want to develop something more robust and custom tailored, you could look at using the API/SDK to create a custom front-end for the product/process.

    Hope this helps.

    Dave S.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the response.  It is not absolutely mission critical so we don't need the Digital Services team involved but to answer your question...

    1) Still don't know why the P6 link to go directly to edit an account does not work.  Simple requirement is to provide a direct link to edit the profile of the exact account code passed in the URL - not to go to (an error page or) an account selection page.

    2) The fields in this case is for standard name, address, title etc.  We have then added some P&S codes to the page.  The nature and intended use of these P&S codes is to be attached to individuals (contacts).  As the P6 link does not work, they get to the P5 page which gives a selection of Dave Segasture and Ungerboeck Software International.  I cannot see any way to stop you being able to edit the company account and/or adding P&S codes to that.  If people add the P&S code to the company, we will not be able to target the intended audience in our campaigns.

    I hope that clarifies it.

    Thanks again.

  • Dave Segasture

    Thanks for the follow-up Sean... as to the P6 page... I don't know that we've ever had anyone hit that page directly. I'll inquire with Prod Mgmt. and will follow-up once I get a response.

    If you want to do any customization, simply send an Email to Helpdesk@Ungerboeck.com and let them know you want to open a new Case for Digital to assist with HTML or other work.


  • We have this exact same requirement. We have even raised it as a DPA issue that information is displayed which we don't believe should be.

    We had to come up with our own workaround. 

    Sean, if you drop me an e-mail I can probably help you with this if you want what I think you want.

  • Dave Segasture

    Lee... while I'm disappointed to learn that we weren't able to help you, the fact that you created a "work around" is good news.

    Would you be willing to share it here on this post, so others may learn this trick too?

    That said... Lea and Sean.. at the minimum.. please submit this as enhancement request for the v20 version of Membership which will be coming, that way we can add this functionality for you, Sean and other clients!

    Dave S.

  • Dave, the fix involves patching the mbd.dll which I don't think i'd advise anyone but Sean to do.

    We have definitely raised an issues previously for iEBMS, but good advise, we will raise something for v20.


  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Lee, but  I'd rather not go to those lengths.

    Dave, Your May 02 states "I would suggest mbd_p6_profile_editor." but just now you say "as to the P6 page... I don't know that we've ever had anyone hit that page directly." so I'm a little confused.

    To be honest, I'm only using MBD as this is where the functionality sits.  In reality it should be a CRM feature.  We just want clients to have the opportunity to check and update their details without having to buy something or add an opportunity etc.  There doesn't seem to be something simple and straightforward for this.

  • Dave Segasture

    Sean... well... it appears that my May posting was not correct, as Lee's response confirms, to hit P6, you would need to modify the DLL. I was shooting from the hip at the time and really expected it to work.

    I agree, it would be great if, we offered the same sort of Account Update for non-membership accounts, which we sort of do for Registration Accounts, Member, Exhibitor and Vendor Accounts, where we can allow them to update their information when they access Ungerboeck to perform the tasks we've asked them to do, but you are correct, there's not anything currently available for Event Sales Accounts/Contacts.

    You might suggest that as an Enhancement to CRM... In fact what I'd do is... put that question into the Community Forum and see what kind of response we get from the Ungerboeck Community. If it's a strong response, it will add strength to the argument to add this kind of CRM Account Update functionality to a future release of Ungerboeck.

  • You can hit p6 directly but sometimes multiple accounts are lists which isn't a desirable customer experience. Patching the dll just prevents multiple accounts being listed.

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Lee, are you able to provide a sample (masked) URL?  In your opinion, should this one work?  (when I say work, I just mean not produce an error)

    http://<iebms website>/iEBMS/mbd/mbd_p6_profile_editor.aspx?oc=<org_code>&cc=<config_code>&accountcode=<account_code>

  • Sorry Sean, I said p6 above a few times when I meant p5 by the look of it!!!

    We have the require accountsearch option enabled and this is our URL;


  • Sean Tame

    Cheers, no wonder I was confused.  So it would seem I am getting the error, not due to bad config / link, but simply due to missing functionality.

    Not sure why it can't open the Edit account page directly when all the valid parameters have been passed in??

    Thanks Lee and Dave for clearing this up for me.

  • For reference, i have submitted a request 82571 regarding the above.

  • Dave Segasture

    Thanks Lee!

  • Dave Segasture

    Sean, Lee:

    One of our developers was queried about this topic and responded with the following:

    Linking directly to mbd_p6 has never worked. When this has come up in the past we have told customers to link to p5. If only one account exists for the given login, then I believe it will take them to mbd_p2 automatically, where they will be able to view the member info and where there is a link to mbd_p6 to edit the account. 

    Otherwise mbd_p5 will list all the members available to them with the login given.


  • Thanks Dave, although we'd figured that out ourselves :) We are more interested in the approach going forward.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Sean Tame


    Thanks Dave, but when using the accoutcode= parameter, then there can only be one account so no need to make the customer visit too many pages before being able to edit their details.

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