Direct Bookings and Indirect Bookings



  • Tony Costantino (DeBartolo Performing Arts Center)

    How can I search in a Crystal or EZWriter report for indirectly booked spaces?

  • Tony Costantino (DeBartolo Performing Arts Center)

    How can I include indirectly booked spaces in a Crystal report? What are the tables?

  • Ken Treadway


    There is not a single field that indicates whether or not a space is directly booked, however, there is a way to get at this information.  If you join on the EV801 and EV803 tables on EV801_SPACE_CODE and EV803_SPACE_CODE, if the EV801_REL_SPACE = EV803_SPACE_CODE, then the booking is direct.  Otherwise it is indirect.  The EV801_SPACE_CODE will have multiple entries in the EV801 table if it is a composite space.

    This is the logic used to build the Booking Master (v19) and the Daily Bookings (v20) windows. 

    Ken Treadway

  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    Hi, when we booked a composite space, wouldn't that be a direct booking?



  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    Adding to my above query, how does system determine whether it is a direct or indirect booking?

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Mudit,

    Possibly best to describe by example.

    Take Ballroom A, Ballroom B and Grand Ballroom (created by BRA & BRB together).

    1) Book Ballroom A
    Ballroom A = Direct, Grand Ballroom = Indirect

    2) Book Ballroom B
    Ballroom B = Direct, Grand Ballroom = Indirect

    3) Book Grand Ballroom
    Ballroom A = Indirect, Ballroom B = Indirect, Grand Ballroom = Direct.

  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    Thanks Sean, does that mean when we book a composite space, it becomes direct by default?

  • Sean Tame

    Booking a composite space would result in a direct booking of that space and an indirect booking of any subordinate spaces.

  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    Thanks, Sean.

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