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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hello - I don't see where/how to reinstate a booking.  Please advise!




  • Permanently deleted user

    Hello - Nevermind - found it!  I was missing the part where you have to click on an active/non-released booking within the event to get to the release window again.  Clicking Release Booking on the released space generates the error window saying a released booking can't be edited.  

    Feature request: can the reinstate process be made clearer/more intuitive?  At least allow the release window to appear by selecting the released space that needs to be reinstated?


  • Mark Pritchard

    Hi Zak - yes I agree that this process to re-instate a previously released bookings could be improved as you have to re-enter the 'Release Bookings' window to do this and cannot do so via the Edit Event/Booking windows. I think this would make a good enhancement request if you would like to submit it to you local USI Client Care dept. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Mavis Yew

    Hi All,

    Will like to know what is the different between delete the booking and release the booking?

    Noticed that when I release the booking I still can see the released booking in my "Booking" tab.

    How can I remove it from the view?




  • Sean Tame

    Hi Mavis,

    The main reason for using the Release feature is when you want to 'un-book' a space that is part of a larger booking (either because of composite spaces or date ranges).

    For example.  If you have a booking for a composite space called Grand Hall made from Hall A, Hall B, Hall C and a foyer space, in the instance that you do not need to book the foyer for a particular event, you can 'Release' this space from the Grand Hall booking line.

    Additionally, if you book a space (composite or not) for 5 days but you do not need it for the afternoon of the second day, you can release just this space for that specific time.

    Additionally, you can use Releasing as opposed to deleting to show that a space was booked but is no longer being used (like cancelling).

  • Kris Corrigan

    If you release a booking how do you remove this from the service order?

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Kris,

    What exactly is your workflow here?  Releasing spaces as described above is to un-book composites that are part of a larger space.  I imagine that you might book Hall-A and then release the foyer space during the bump-in for example.  Hall-A would remain on the Service (Booking) Order and its rate remains unchanged.

    If you want to remove a booking and have this taken off the service order, you simply remove the applicable booking line.

  • Kris Corrigan

    Thanks Sean that now makes sense.

  • Jennifer Catalano

    Hello, if the spaces are released but not deleted, can they still be invoiced ? I would like to release them but still have them on contract and invoice. will I be able to fill work order and close if they are released?



  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Jennifer,

    Using the Release Bookings feature does not affect the service order where the actual rates are held, so you can release spaces and still have them on the contract and invoice them as usual.

    This also means that if you release spaces/dates and want the order and contract to reflect that, you will need to manually update the order also and revise the contract.

    Deleting or cancelling the booking does remove the rate from the booking and therefore the service order, so using Release Booking is a good option when you want to keep the spaces on the order and contract.


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

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