Create a New Event or Add Bookings to an Existing Event From the Booking Calendar or Booking Agenda



  • Sean Tame

    Is there any way to disable the selection of space/dates and thus eliminate the pending bookings window for a given user/s?  Many people choose to use the booking calendar as a means to locate existing events due to its graphical nature which they find more appealing than the event list.  However, they continually 'accidentally' invoke the pending bookings window which is annoying and confusing for them.  I'd like to know how to disable this.


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Sean,

    The only way to eliminate the Pending Bookings screen would be to use the View Only option on the Allow Access to Booking Calendars access privilege. This would block the users from being able to edit the event but does prevent the Pending Bookings screen from coming up when clicking on the calendar.


  • Sean Tame

    Thanks so much Maggie,

    I'll try that.  This might work.  As long as the Peek window shows and we can get to the actions associated with the event (Documents, Functions, Orders) then we will be fine.

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