Booking Calendar



  • Sean Tame

    Does it make sense to have the controls for displaying Notices in the Tools (where the other display settings are) or in the Advanced Search (where the filter criteria) is?

  • Wendy Thompson

    Check out the changes to the actions in v30:


  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Wendy,

    Million dollar question - when will v30 be available (generally)?

  • Wendy Thompson

    My pleasure, Sean. 

    I'm told the answer to your million dollar question is being shared at the Unite conferences...  May 7-10 for AP.

  • Fionn Murray

    Is it possible to highlight the current day on the booking calendar?

  • Sam Wilson

    Hello Fionn,

    The Booking Calendar does not include an option to highlight the current day. 

    Our calendars that have more of a traditional 30-day format (i.e., Calendar of Bookings and Event Calendar) do indicate the current day with a bold outline on the current date.



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