• Sean Tame

    Hi Dave,

    What about Contract Groups?

    It is quite common for loyal hirers (or home teams etc) to engage in a single contract covering a 'Season' or a year etc.  They then book several events that are all subject to the same contract terms and conditions.  They may have a rolling deposit from one event to another and there may be rates and conditions that relate to their overall spend etc.

    I believe there is a large need for this type of functionality so it would be good to see if USI were a little more open to this concept.  Perhaps a great topic for a conference discussion?

  • Dave Segasture


    I did discuss that with the Product Mgr. and we decided not to suggest it as an option. It's not really quite there and isn't available in v20.

    I have to say that I had a nearly identical request as Crista's week before last from a client I was visiting.

    So perhaps it's time to move this concept forward.

    I'll discuss with the Prod Mgr. to let him know we now have 3 Clients asking about it.

    Maybe we can get something rolling before Conference... but it certainly would be a great topic to discuss there too!  We are adding more and more Performing Arts and Sporting Arena Clients every day... and all would benefit from this kind of functionality.

  • Jo Parton

    Has there been any update on creating one contract for multiple events?

    We have events which commit to multiple years and would be keen to see the possibility to link the three events together on to one contract.



  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    While we have discussed this topic here at USI, as it does affect quite a few clients, we have not developed a solution. I'm un-aware if we have this on our Product Roadmap.

    Many of us in Consulting/Services are pushing to get this issue addressed.

    Monday, if you return to this Knowledge Base... you will find a brand-new and easier to use Knowledge Base which will now include a Community "Product Suggestions" section.  The idea is... for clients to post Ideas and things like your "Contract across Multiple Events" needs... which will allow other Clients to comment and add their desire for these kinds of changes... which should help us to gauge Customer Requirements and help us get things like this on Development Roadmaps.


  • Dave Segasture

    I have alerted our Product Mgr. that this is a topic which we need to discuss.

    I also brought it up in my Team Stand-Up Meeting a few mins ago and nearly everyone said they'd had a lot of requests for this functionality as well.

    So... keep your fingers crossed.

  • Crista Tompson

    Is it possible to create one contract for multiple events with unique Event ID's and weekly invoices?

    I have an account that holds weekly luncheon meetings.

    I have created a profile and can schedule events based on the booking/function & service order profiles.

    How do I contract all of the events to one master contract so that my staff does not have to issue a contract for each recurring events, and the client does not need to sign a document weekly?

    Thank you!


  • Crista Tompson

    That would be great!

    This would save time a massive amount of time and frustration.

    The Price Lists and Resources are identical for each of the events-  in terms of the Contract.

    The Event Managers detail  changes or updates, which is why each event has it's own resume & is billed individually (based on attendance and presenter needs that week).

    A blanket contract for groups like Rotary, Kiwanis, Home teams, seasonal business, etc would be a huge improvement.

    Thank you for the information!

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Dave,

    This is great news - another example of this forum achieving exactly what it should.  Our thanks to all involved. 

    When you say Contract Groups are not available in v20 - do you mean "without bridging"?  It is certainly there, just with a bridge to add new groups but v20 supports the selection of them.

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Sean,

    By design, all bookings and orders that are not already on a contract at or above the Awaiting Approval Status (set in the Contract Configuration window/Organization Parameters) will be added to the contract when adding from the Contracts tab.  There is not currently a way to turn this off.




  • Dave Segasture

    Brian: Yes, "Contracts" is typically a separately "Licensed" Add-On to Ungerboeck, but sometimes it's bundled with other Features and not specifically named.

    I've looked at the Account for the National Association of Home Builders and I can't determine for certain that you do or do not have "Contracts" currently Licensed for use in your Ungerboeck. 

    I've reached out to Dan Hugge - your Account Manager to ask him to assist you with this issue. 

    Sit tight. 

  • Brian Rosenthal

    Dan Hugge Thanks. Can we switch to email? Had some questions.

  • Brian Rosenthal

    I do not see the Contracts tab in the Event window. Additionally, nothing shows up when we search in the Main Menu. Is this an add-on feature or does it come with Ungerboeck plans?

  • Brian Rosenthal

    Ok, thanks! Please do let me know if we have access or not.

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Wendy,

    I should be able to work with that.  I might try setting the Awaiting Approval Status to something quite high to stop them being added.  Do you foresee any issue with that?

  • Dave Segasture


    We currently do not offer nor do we expect to offer any functionality which would allow you to group different Events into a Single Contract.

    This is for a number of reasons, one of which is that different Events could be using different Price Lists and Resources.

    That said... here's a couple of options which might work for you. Especially considering that it's really having the Client sign multiple Documents which is the issue you mention.

    Option 1)

    You would still need to create a Contract for each Event.

    But when you create the Document you could manually consolidate the Bookings, and Orders into a single Contract Document to provide to your Clients. I can't think of a programmatic way to produce this document as an automatic Mail-Merge, I believe you would have to manually update the information. 

    Once signed, you could certainly upload and store a copy of the Signed Contract to each of the individual Contracts on each Event.

    Option 2)

    Add a Master "Parent" Event for the Series of Events... and use the Parent Event field on each of the individual Events to "connect" them to the Master Event.

    You would generate your Contract on the Parent - Master Event - manually updating the information in the document to outline each of the details from each of the Individual Events.

    This would allow you to goto one of the Individual Events, note the Parent Event where you would then goto to access and view the Contract.

    This is certainly less Contracts but also less control over the Contracted Items from each Event.

    I listed this as Option 2 as I really think Option 1 is the better Choice.

    I hope this helps.

  • Wendy Thompson

    I'm not sure I was clear... 

    When you first add a contract to an event, all the bookings and orders will be included.  You can remove items from that contract using Mark for Delete on each tab.  If that contract has a status at or above the Awaiting Approval Status, the items on that contract will not/cannot be added to any new contracts for the same event, but all other items will be.  If that first contract is below Awaiting Approval, and you add a new contract to the same event, ALL items, including those on the first contract, will be added to the new contract. 

    Once any contract goes to the Awaiting Approval Status, any contracts that include any of the same items will be set to "Requires Revision" and the duplicates will be removed through the revision process. 

    So I don't think setting the Awaiting Approval Status to something quite high is going to help you.

    Let me know if you have other questions. 


  • Kris Corrigan


    Is there any update on the above as this is something in which we would like to explore.

    From reading this thread and the thread on parent events other than physically linking the 2nd or 3rd event to the 1st event as a parent event I don't see any benefits for contracts, service orders or any financial gain (please correct me if am wrong)



  • Dave Segasture

    Yes, that the feature hasn't been re-developed for v20. So it only does what it does right now and requires the Bridge.

    Plus... perhaps enhancing the process when we re-develop for v20.

  • Dan Hugge

    Hi Brian, you should now be able to see Contracts in your menu...please let me know if you're unable.  Thanks.

  • Dave Segasture

    While this is something which Development is aware of, there isn't anything scheduled to address this at this time.

    That said, I do still hope to have this capability/functionality added to the product at some point in our future.

  • Sean Tame

    Is there any parameter or option I can set to stop the automatic addition on all current bookings and orders being added to the contract on creation?  Is there a stats threshold I can play with?  Or is hard coded that all bookings and orders are automatically added to the contract?

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