Change the Price List on an Event



  • Sean Tame

    "If the event has a booking with a rate or statistics, then they must be removed so the price list can be changed." You can also re-price the booking / statistics orders to achieve the same thing.

  • H.G. Stovall

    How can the prices for future registration orders to an event be placed at a new rate?

  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi H.G., we would need a little more information to answer your question properly. Could you please contact your assigned consultant or if you do not have one assigned your account manager to understand what you are trying to achieve? Thanks!

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Danilo, We have the same requirement and have had a support case in for a couple of years now. The requirement is simple. We have a 'Reprice Orders' option for Service Orders and we need the same functionality for Registration Orders. The distinction in features and functionality between the order types should not be that great.

  • Two questions

    Is there a way to change the price list on an entire event rather than a booking? I am able to do this in v19.


    How do you re-price the booking/statistic orders as you describe above?

    When I highlight the booking lines I don't have the option to change the price list unless rates have been applied, is this controlled by an access privilege?




  • Sean Tame

    Hi Eddie,

    There is a Re-Price Orders Task.  AFAIK this is the same in v20 as v19.  The Price List dropdown will be protected if bookings/stats orders exist on that Price List. The act of re-pricing the booking order(s) will automatically change the PL on the event.

  • When I do this it does not appear to reprice the stats only the booking orders.

    Am I missing something?

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Eddie - I might need to understand more what it is you are actually trying to do. Repricing is available on a booking order because it is a Service Order. A Statistics Order is something different and doesn't allow repricing. And there are typically no prices associated with Statistics Orders themselves so not sure how repricing them would make sense. If you have more information, I can try to help further.

    Mark F

  • Jemma Slater

    Hi There

    We've found an issue with changing the price lists on some of our events. Our fees & charges for venue hire/space rental are updated each financial year. We have a number of 'regular' hirers who have one event per calendar year (with multiple bookings). Upon creation of the regular event the price list was nominated for last financial year, now we have moved into the new financial year we need to update the price list for these events with the new financial year price list. Upon changing the list on the event and selecting 'save' this pop up appears -


    When selecting 'yes' it removes the rates from all bookings with rates attached that have already been invoiced and essentially 'opens' them again allowing a new rate to be added. Is there a way to lock down the bookings  that have been invoiced so the rate will not be removed/ a new rate can not be added?

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Jemma - I don't see a way to lock down the bookings/rates that have an invoice when you change the price list. What I would suggest is repricing the orders on your event rather than changing the price list on the event. Here is the article about repricing orders:  https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/205095448-Repricing-a-Service-Order

    Mark F

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