Move In (or Out) Date/Time Cannot Be Later Than Start (or End) Date/Time Warning



  • Heather Gruppelaar

    Please let me know where the move in / out date/ time is located in the adding event screen.

  • Fabienne Mannherz

    Hi Heather,

    it seems that the Move-In/Move-Out are hidden in the layout. Please try this:
    - Go to "Edit Layout" (you must have the access rights to do so)
    - In the available field section search for "In" and "Out"
    - Drag and Drop the fields in the layout.
    - Save and Refresh - fields should appear.

    Best wishes,

  • This has always been a bug bear of ours. We would ideally like the fields hidden but stumble upon this hurdle if we hide them. Perhaps the error can offer to automatically adjust?

  • Fabienne Mannherz

    Hi Lee, this is not a bug - the fields are quite important. I always recommend to show them even if you are not using the actively. Don't mark them as required and simply fill in the Start/End since Move-In/Move-Out will default accordingly. 

    However, we cannot change the logic of these fields to stay in sync in all cases since whenever you are working with a differing In/Out you would not like to have these fields get synchronized. 

    If you think that the fields should follow a different logic, let us know and we can check with product management.

  • Sean Tame

    In this case, the fields should be shipped as part of the USI layout.  I've always been told that they are hidden because not all customers use In/Out but this is contrary to the effective operation and the advise given here.

  • Jennifer Parks

    I am experiencing this error and am not able to locate the In/Out fields either. Could someone please clarify exactly where these fields should be located, so that I know which screen to click 'Edit Layout' on?

  • Sean Tame

    Jennifer Parks it is the Edit Event screen layout you are looking for.

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