Customizing a Standard Crystal Report



  • Catherine Giesbrecht

    When I click on the export to other, the only choice is to export to Crystal. But upon clicking that option, my Windows 8.1 laptop asks what app I would like to use in order to open the file. There is no option to simply "save" the report in Crystal. Is there a way I can solve this?

  • Alex Hanson

    Hi Catherine,

    Exporting using the process above tries to open the Crystal report automatically. But it sounds like Crystal is not installed on the laptop. You could go to the Report Master in Ungerboeck, find the report file you are looking for, and then export the report from there.

    Exporting the report from the Report Master will just save the Crystal file to your laptop without trying to automatically open it.

    However, if the Crystal Reports software is not available on the laptop you'll need to find a way to open the report in Crystal. Feel free to call our Client Care team if you would like to review this in more detail.

  • Hello,

    I feel that a step is missing from this part of the procedure 'When you have completed making the report changes click File and then Save'.

    I'm certain that the Crystal report needs to be saved to a specific location, rather than just hitting Save? 

    Please advise. 




  • Sean Tame

    Hi Ash,

    This was included in the last bullet point of step 3.

    File Path - Click the ellipses button (...) and select the Crystal folder (this is the folder where custom Crystal Reports are stored).


  • Hello Sean, 

    Thanks for pointing that out. 

    If anyone could point me in the right direction to the article I seem to recall reading, which explains the folders v19 searches for Crystal Reports. I'm sure it looks at the Org Parameter then Sys Parameter then the EBMS Working directory \Crystal then perhaps finally falls back to the EBMS working directory \crystalsource?  

    This issue I seem to be experiencing is that I've modified a Crystal Report (CEM123) in the CrystalSource folder and it doesn't appear to have made any difference, although, when I place a copy of the modified report in the Crystal folder is appears to update. 

    Many Thanks


  • Sean Tame


    Are you referring to v19 or v20?  In v20, all report updates need to be imported back into the database manually.

  • V19 :)

  • Sean Tame

    Is this what you are looking for?  {from Reporting Configuration (V19)}

    AA118 - This organization parameter allows the system administrator to specify the complete path for the location of the Crystal Reports modification files for use within EBMS.  The drive as well as the full directory path should be included and UNC notation is allowed.  The path should be entered in the Alphanumeric Value field.  Users must log off and back on in order for changes to this parameter to take effect.  Invalid or missing values in this parameter will cause the system to default to the system parameter AA 118.  If that parameter is missing or contains invalid information, then the USI standard CRYSTAL directory located within the EBMS installation location will be used.

  • Bingo, that's ultimately it. Is that an article on here Sean? I searched exactly for "Reporting Configuration (V19)" and didn't find it?

  • Sean Tame

    That is an Org Parm note  

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