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  • Nina Dennison

    How can I create an "IF" formula to cause a date to populate only on a WEEKDAY instead of a weekend? 

    Example: =IF(WEEKDAY(In Date,1))=(Sat or Sunday) = the next business day. --not sure what to use here and I want it to land on a weekday instead of a weekend. I would use the WORKDAY option but your system doesn't support it. 


  • David Robertson


    If all Saturday's and Sunday's would become Monday, then you could use this formula.

    =If(OR({In Day of Week}="Saturday",{In Day of Week}="Sunday"),"Monday",{In Day of Week})

    You would then show the formula field on the event screen to show you the In Business day of the week.


  • Nina Dennison

    Thanks David, I realized I missed a detail in my 1st question. I need the new date to be (In Date) -31 and then land on a week day. I tried a few different ways to add your formula and it comes up invalid. Do you know how to make the "In Date" start 31 days after and land on the Monday?

    I appreciate any help. 

  • David Robertson

    Hi Nina Dennison,

    I have setup a couple of formula to hopefully get the result you want. If the In date + 31 days is a Saturday, it will add 2 days to it to make it the Monday and 1 day if it's a Sunday.

    The first is the In date + 31 days

    The second is the day of the week the In date + 31 days is.

    Then the last one adds the days if it's a Saturday or Sunday to make it a Monday.


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