Configuration of Jobs / Facility Maintenance Module



  • Heather Gruppelaar

    We are just about to upgrade to V23.1 w do not have the inventory module but would like to use inventory checks for our equipment resources, as stated above (and copied below) but I cannot find the inventory master under organisation administration - please advise if this function is still an option. thank you


    Inventory: (Optional)

    • If you have the Inventory Module: Main Menu > Inventory Management > Inventory Master
    • If you do not have the Inventory Module: Main Menu > Organization Administration > Inventory > Inventory Master

    Use of Inventory allows you to do “Real-Time Inventory Checking” which can help identify situations where you might require a piece of Equipment or a Resource and find that it’s already Booked or out of stock.  The standard “non-module” Inventory allows for these Inventory Checks… if you have the Inventory Module, you can extend this to tie the Inventory Items to your Purchasing Module and define Re-Order Points and track Costs from your Various Vendors and allow you to create Purchase Orders for the Items.

  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Heather - 

    In v30, the Inventory Master window was renamed to Inventory Items.  If you do not see this option in your main menu, then please reach out to your account manager to determine if additional licensing is needed to access this.



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