Item Notes not showing up in SOP



  • Tom Meersman

    Thanks! The last step helped me out.

  • Rebecca Green

    Thank you for the information about linking the note class to the item. Is it possible to only display notes and not have the option of note inputs. Based on the list of show item notes options, I would expect that selecting the show item notes on list pages would result in the item notes displaying on the order form with the list of items. However, the note only appears on the detail page and the only way the detail page is available is if the item note input boxes are checked.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Rebecca,

    In order to get the item note to display as read only on the form pages, check the following options for the SOP Configuration:

    Show Item Note on List Pages
    Show Item Note with Item Input
    Show All Item Input on Form page

    In addition, the Show All Item Input As Expanded option can be checked so the user doesn't have to click the link to View Details to see the note.

    Also, the note on the price list item of that class must be at a Public or External sensitivity and the note language must be one that is configured for the dictionary being used in SOP otherwise the note will not be found.

    I hope this helps!


  • Rebecca Green

    Thanks Maggie. That resolved the issue.

  • Kris Corrigan


    I have completed all of the following but my additional note class is not displaying online.



  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kris,

    One other thing to check is that the sensitivity on the note is set to Public. 


  • Gary Firlit

    I have notes on resources on Service Orders that are not being copied over to the Actuals.  These notes are added to the service order automatically when the resource is chosen and the sales team has the ability to edit them.  However, when we close the work orders, on the actuals the original note is there and not the note that we have modified in the service order.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Gary, 

    Sorry to hear you're having difficulties.  I would recommend entering a ticket with Client Care, which will be routed to your regional Support team for troubleshooting.  You can create a ticket through the Support Center or by emailing helpdesk@ungerboeck.com.  Please include this note as well as a screen shot of where the difficulty is occurring.


  • Kris Corrigan

    I have an image in the note class which is used for the more details which is fine, however on the shopping basket the note class is appearing how can we remove the note class from the shoppig basket but keep this on the order form?

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Kris - Notes that appear on the list pages also appear on the cart page - there isn't a way to turn it off there and still have it show on the list pages.

    However, you mention you are using the note for an item image. Any reason you are using the notes for that rather than using the item image functionality that's built into SOP?


    Mark F

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