Manually Add Accounts/Contacts to a Campaign



  • Jonathan Fernandez

    Ok so what are the next steps?


    Could you include suggested next steps ....

  • Tony Zhu

    It still does not work for 'Exhibitors' window. I tried to 'push' accounts into existing campaign, it works if numbers of accounts are less than 20, in first few times. There is no way for me to push total list of 3538 exhibitors & prospectives into the campaign in a few goes. 

    "Add" button in Campaign still bridges back to v19 mode, that means they cannot access 'Exhibitors' list. We are on latest version (v20.90). 

    Any plan in the future to fix this issue?

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Tony,

    This works for me in the following workflow with 120 accounts/exhibitors, I'm not sure if 3,500 will work. I would break that down into 500 exhibitor batches:

    1. filter down exhibitor list and select all rows

    2. right click and select the Add to New (or Existing) Campaign, within the Campaigns menu option.

    3. select the existing campaign (or add a new one)

    4. all exhibitors get added to the campaign successfully

    Try out that process.



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