• Sean Tame

    I wish to quickly add a document to an event.

    There is no GN for documents so I go to the Find Documents button I have put onto a dashboard. (closest option to a Documents Master Grid we have)

    There is no option to add from this window.

    Why can I not quickly and easily add a document without going via the Event grid?

  • Carrie Spalding


    We haven't had a request for this as of yet. Please feel free to put through an enhancement request and Product Management will take a look!



  • Heather Gruppelaar

    HI, is there a way to add documents to multiple events at the same time?

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Heather,

    To my knowledge it is not currently possible to add documents to multiple events at the same time. If this is something you would like to see added as a future enhancement, I would encourage you to post this on our CRM Product Ideas forum (see link below). Our Product Management team goes through all customer posts and looks at how many community upvotes each receives when determining which enhancements are brought in for Development to start work on as new features.




  • Jeanne Burau

    is there a way to sort documents by function?  I've found the sort button however Function is not an option.  It was very useful in the old version. 

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Jeanne,

    I am not sure where you are trying to sort documents by function from but on the Find Documents window off the main menu you can bring over the Function column and sort documents from there.


  • Jeanne Burau

    Hi Ryan, sorry I should have been more specific.  The documents window for each event. 

  • Ryan Canny


    In the Documents tab grid on Events when you do a right click > Show Columns on the header section you can bring over Function as an available column from Column Settings.

    I hope this helps.

  • Jeanne Burau

    Yes, I was able to add the column for function however I would like to Sort on Function, is that not possible?  I've tried. 

  • Ryan Canny

    My apologies on that Jeanne. If you add the Function column to your Documents tab grid for Events and then do right click > Sort, Group and Total to bring up Column Settings you can then sort by Function. The function name will then show above the documents within that specific function once you click the arrow to pop out. 

  • Jeanne Burau

    Thanks Ryan that worked!

  • Lucy Roughan

    Is it in the roadmap to enhance the copy document feature so you can copy multiple documents from one event to another? We currently have to copy/duplicate each document individually (and it then checks them out) and then move the new documents to the other event. This is very time consuming. 

  • Dustin Banks

    Lucy Roughan, do you make changes to the documents each time you duplicate/copy them from one to another? Do the documents contain information that is specific to the event? 

  • Lucy Roughan

    Hi Dustin, yes we do makes changes - each year the document gets built on/tweaked but using the document/s from the previous years event saves us a lot of time. 

  • Dustin Banks

    Lucy Roughan, this feels like something that would be better for templates/reports and to use wildcards. That is why we don't offer the copying and moving multiple documents. I would recommend you reach to your Value Success Manager for options. Or you could go to https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/community/topics and submit this as an enhancement under the Product Ideas tab. 

  • Lucy Roughan

    Thanks Dustin, these documents are more event specific than a template or report, eg. floorplan from the client's previous year's event. Will add an enhancement. 

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