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  • Permanently deleted user

    I do not have an option to reset the hierarchy when I right-click on column headers or the Functions tab.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Maren,

    The Reset to Hierarchy menu option should be the last option you see, directly under Collapse All. It is also possible you may not have access to it via access management as well so verify the access management settings for your role.

    Are you working in version 20.8?


  • Kieron Marshall

    Is there a way to sort the Parent Function by Date, but then show the hierarchy for all items beneath that by where they appear in the hierarchy?? as soon as you sort by Date it wipes the hierarchy for all.

  • Sean Tame

    Without access to the Function Sequence columns from the EV710 table I'm not sure this is possible.  If we did, you could create a formula field that concatenates them and then sort on that.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kieron,

    This won't necessarily get you 100% there but it may get you close.  There is a column called Function ID that generally gets assigned sequentially as the functions are created.  So if you group first by date, then within that grouping, sort by function ID (ascending), you may be able to get close to the sorting and grouping you are looking for.


  • Levin Shum

    Does insert indented affect anything other than how the user sees the functions displayed?


  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Indenting functions is generally recommended as a way to keep functions organized and related to each other in an intuitive manner (i.e. a day function with sub-functions occurring on that day). It is primarily useful for how a user sees the functions on the page, but we also have several standard reports that use function level as a display attribute on the report. If you'd like more recommendations and best practices around functions, please contact your Account Manager or Client Services Coordinator.

    Mark F

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