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  • Rebecca Green
    Thanks for this list. Are there any shortcut keys for bookings?
  • Fabienne Mannherz
    Hi Rebecca, you might also want to have a look at the Date and Time Shortcuts: https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/204567068-Date-and-Time-Shortcuts-Hotkeys In addition for the bookings tab you can use Ctrl+Alt+I to insertr a new booking line.
  • Rebecca Green
    Thanks Fabienne. The Ctrl+Alt+I was what I was looking for. I was trying to test but it may not have been working because I wasn't in edit mode.
  • Karin van der Horst

    Fabienne, are your shortkeys working alike in V19 and V20?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Karin,

    The above shortcuts are for v20.  In v19, the shortcuts are the same except do not include the ALT key (CTRL+C for Copy for example).  The F8 key for saving also isn't used in v19.


  • Karin van der Horst

    You've just made my day fantastic!

    Thanks Maggie

  • Eric Lowe

    I would like to add that users should use a few more hotkeys when editing functions in the v20 grid, or any v20 grid.  Users are wanting to use their mouse to click into cells to edit and that is not the best process since you have to click once to select the row, then click again to enter into edit mode, then if you click to fast you open the edit window. 

    Users should click into the 1st row they want to start editing and use arrow keys or 'tab' key to get to the field they want.  Then to enter into edit mode, they can click the F2 key, which is a standard hotkey to enter in edit mode in other applications (like Microsoft Excel). 

    Then once they are in edit mode, they can tab into other fields where they are still in edit mode.  These few shortcuts will help make grid edits much faster. 

    F2:  enters edit mode on a cell

    Tab:  takes user to the next cell (to the right), and keeps them in edit mode

    Enter:  takes user to the cell below, so the next row

    Arrow keys:  this lets users navigate to different cells without using the mouse.

  • Hello - what's the v30 Function editing equivalent to  "Tab:  takes user to the next cell (to the right), and keeps them in edit mode"?  (in v30.94 tab advances cell selection to the right, but does not maintain edit mode).


  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Zak,

    Can you provide a specific example of how this is not working for you?  If I tab into a field and start typing the field is editable.  Is it the visual you are looking for, or specific fields that are not in edit mode, or actions you are using?

    Thank you,

    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

  • Michele Frau

    I was looking at this today and I had the same question.  clicking on the edit icon within the cell or using F2 does make the cell editable and the cursor goes to the end of any text making it easy to update the text without having to retype the whole thing.  When we use F2 and then click tab in 30.95/96 the tab moves the cursor to the next cell and if you start typing it will overwrite any text in the cell but I was expecting the tab to take me to the next cell with the cursor at the end of any existing text (like tab and F2 combined).   

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Michele - in reviewing this thread and your question, for in-grid editing, when you tab to a new cell, the data in that cell will be selected and typing any data will replace what's in there. We don't currently have a 'mode' where you tab from cell to cell and the cursor is placed to the right of the data that's in the cell. F2 will place the cursor to the right of the data that's there, but that setting does not get retained from cell to cell. Thanks. 

  • Michele Frau

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the explanation and sorry it took me so long to respond. We have reviewed the quick keys and best practices with key users and these were frequent comments:

    1. having to click the Edit icon or F2 to edit data within a cell seen as an extra step

    2. users preferred being able to double-click within a cell to bring up the edit mode, then it was easy to place the cursor where it was needed (in v20)
    If you double click now in v30, it brings up the Edit Function screen which is a pain because then you have to close it.  Since the Insert Function feature inserts the data from the line above or below, we are always editing. 

    3. The frequently appearing "Pending Changes" message is also not seen as helpful - they only want to see that if the functions window is closed without saving changes.

    Happy to discuss in more detail.  thanks Mark! 

  • Karin van der Horst

    we totally agree with your remarks!

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